Summer and a Puppy

Since school is out and I’m done substitute teaching, I finally have time to blog! Blogging/writing is one of the few remaining hobbies I have so I feel a duty to put in at least a few posts a year. Music used to be my hobby, but now it’s my job! I’m thankful for a job I love. My other hobbies are crafting and yoga, not necessarily in that order.

What have I crafted this year? Does framing photos count? Like putting 4×6’s in a ready-made frame? Haha.

Yoga has probably been my most regular reprieve from work. Some people would see it as a chore, more like exercise with the negative connotation. For me it’s like treating myself to a vacation from the real world. For a moment I can stop trying to solve all my problems and simply focus on the instructor’s words and the flex and stretch of my muscles. It’s a time when I get to breathe deep and flow through movements that make me feel stronger and more energized. Afterwards, I feel the way I imagine being a well human is supposed to feel. I never regret going to yoga.

What makes you feel alive?

There are so many things I get to enjoy during the summer, especially now that we have moved to a new apartment. There are peaceful, quiet days at home with the sun streaming in my windows. I have a beautiful pond to look at from my patio door. I can go for walks whenever I want. It’s easier to get together with friends. The best thing about this summer other than our cozy chateau on the water is the new family member we welcomed home last month: Arvo.

This is us at the Olathe Summer Concert Series on the night Marc Broussard played. He met so many new people! Then he was ready to hang out in my lap. See his white soul patch on his chin? Cute.

Arvo is a 4-month old dachshund mix – we think he looks like a miniature black lab with an extra long body, which is not really a thing but that is how he looks. He is 10 pounds of cuddly sweetness. Most of the time he’s the calmest puppy you’ll ever meet. Every now and then his puppy energy ignites and he goes galavanting as fast as he can around the apartment. He loves his loud squeaky ball and will chase it until his short legs can’t run anymore. We are still teaching him to recognize his name and “sit” and “come.” His latest trick was escaping from the dog park. I was so surprised to see his little body slip through the gap between the closed gate and the fence. He ran at lightning speed along the walking trail as I chased him. Fortunately another pet owner stopped him after about 50 feet of doggie freedom.

Arvo is supposed to be my buddy while Eric is in his masters program this summer. Eric began classes yesterday and is pursuing his Masters in Music Education. I’m so happy for him that he gets to study something he’s passionate about that will help him at work every day as a choir teacher. It’s going to be a rigorous program: during three or four weeks each summer for 3 years he will complete the same coursework that is required in the 2-year program that runs full time during the school year. That boils down to completing 2 or 3 classes in 3 or 4 weeks that normally would take all semester. Did I mention his internship is this summer too? He is a busy person. I have requested daily social media posts from him about the little moments he experiences at grad school. First of all, I like feeling connected that way. Second, I think the posts will be fun for him to look back on when it’s all said and done. Yesterday the air conditioning was broken in the music building and they had to have diction class outside. That was a pretty fun first post.

So far I have been teaching Arvo how to cuddle with me on the couch and not pee inside. It’s going alright. I think he’ll be ready for more of a challenge soon, like baking cookies and playing the piano. He is getting his Puppy Masters.


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