My First Kate Spade Handbag

kate spadeOkay folks, I’m going out on a limb. I’ve never written a blog post about fashion but here I am today doing just that! I like to think of myself as simple yet refined, and the simple side of me has kept fashion blogging in the “nope” category thus far. Too frilly, too consumerist, too small minded. Perhaps as I age the refined side of me is starting to take over! Either that or I have begun to welcome a few frills into my life.

All I know is that ever since my brief stint working at the Roasterie coffee shop in Kansas City, Missouri, I have been all eyes for Kate Spade handbags and accessories. Everyday I would meet the caffeine needs of high class designer-wares clad clientele, ogling their diamonds and gems from behind the counter and particularly their statement Kate Spade wallets, some of which were embossed with a custom monogram. (Ritzy!) They would tell me my box-color hair experiment looked cool and I would tell them Thank you and I would not tell them how I ached to be in their shoes instead of my own.

(Seriously though, mine smelled like old coffee and feet sweat.)

It was my daydream of luxury when all summer long I camped out in a tiny rented bedroom in what we shall call the ghetto, scraping pennies together just to cover the necessities before my last semester of college.

Yes. It was then that Kate Spade carved its place in my mind and there it stayed, coming to life every time I spotted another Fancy Lady with a golden embossed handbag or passed by the storefront in Country Club Plaza. The simple side of me has always said No to such luxuries and found contentment with moderately fashionable purses from Target, but these past years I have been having a change of heart… the logical side of me has convinced the simple side that having nice things will do me a greater service of lasting longer and providing an air of self-confidence, a priceless accessory to a young 20-something independent woman making her way in the world.

And over time images like these would capture my imagination:


The clean lines, the saturated colors, the timeless feminism! Oh my! The strong, free and brave women in their photos were after my own heart. These whimsical advertisements along with the genius marketing campaign #DatingMyPurse completely won me over. How could I not want to take my purse on adventures to the opera and 5-star restaurants even if my husband would be tagging along too? I suppose after enough sightings of these handbags and enough close friends making their own splurges on the brand, it was quite predictable that I would cave in.

Birthday 25 came along with a 25% off online sale and down the rabbit hole I went!




This little gem arrived in the mail and became mine on Friday, November 19th, 2015. A bit smaller than I expected but not one ounce less darling. I went with black and white because 1) I am a pianist, 2) the simple side of me told me to play it safe with colors and 3) black and white is always classy. If I were to buy a second Kate Spade purse, I would definitely go for the bright colors as they scream bold and sassy.

So far my new designer handbag has made me believe I can conquer the world and that I am a stylish woman with refined tastes; a bona fide Fancy Lady. There’s no telling where it will take me next.

Here’s to adventure and growing old with style. Cheers!



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