What I’m Into | May 2015

May was a busy month, a good month spent tying up loose ends of the school year. Recitals were given, concerts were performed, music was returned, and then – we all breathed a sigh of relief.

Now it is officially summer. I am still teaching private lessons, but there are now expanses of time when I get to do the things I only want to do, rather than have to do. I can bake bread, eat ice cream, go canoeing, and edit photos. The life of luxury! Here are some highlights from this month.


Since the school year ended and substitute teaching came to a close, I have had more time to do the things that really feed my soul. Spending more time with family and friends has been incredibly life giving. I have had enough time to not feel rushed through my day-to-day routine. I have been able to rest, read, and journal. We even went on an impromptu road trip. I’m beginning to feel like a whole new person, refreshed and renewed! In every spare moment that my mind gets to wandering, I have been pining for a house. But that is nothing new. This month, I am happy to announce that our journey to home ownership has finally begun! It will be a slow one, but my husband and I hope by next summer we will be living in our very own cozy home. If anticipation is half the fun, we will be having one heck of a fun time these next 10 months or so! We are so ready to have our own space! A dishwasher, an oven, a bathtub… maybe even a pet! Oh my. P.S. I started using my Instagram account regularly this month and I am loving it. Check out my photos on the sidebar or find me @pianoleslie on Instagram.com.


My story of the month is about a little 4-year old boy who was sitting with me on the piano bench, plunking out some notes according to my instruction, when he looked straight up at me and said, “I have to go poo-poo.” That’s a first. I had been looking for a good pre-school piano curriculum and finally tried one this month. It was so fun hanging out with those little people in my piano studio! Unfortunately, the pre-school piano curriculum I was using didn’t meet my expectations, or the kids’. Two students dropped out after the free trial and I decided that the lessons just didn’t deliver the fun (or even the learning) they promised. I’m hoping I haven’t ruined my chances of having pre-school students return to my studio someday when I have got that age group figured out! I did learn something from this failed experience. I will know from now on to always supplement a curriculum, no matter what the authors promise! Teaching calls for a never-ending supply of creativity in lesson planning as well as in the lessons, when you have to really think on your feet to act on all those “teachable moments”.


  1. Gilead, by Marilynne Robinson
  2. Searching for Sunday, by Rachel Held Evans
  3. Jesus Today, by Sarah Young

Searching for Sunday is trending right now, from what I hear. Have you read it? What do you think? I’m loving Evans’ ability to weigh the paradoxes of faith, of life itself. I was moved by the chapter under Confession, “What We Have Done,” which read like a liturgical prayer. I am halfway through Gilead and halfway enjoying the narrative of an elderly pastor on the brink of retirement and halfway unenthused. As for Jesus Today, I am always thankful for Biblical devotions that go ahead and make the assumption that I am a worn out, hopeless soul. Please speak to that part of me anytime, Sarah Young. Reading her daily devotions is helping me develop a “quiet time” rhythm, something that has been out of whack since I got married and all of my bedtime rituals changed. Paired with journaling my prayers and praises, this seems like the start of a renewal of my crusty heart.


I want to get some stories written down and published here to be shared this summer, so keep your eye out for future posts! I hope you are all having a joy-filled start to your summer and look forward to getting back in touch with the blogosphere. Drop me a comment and I will be sure to stop by your blog!! Until next time, Leslie P.S. To my readers: the advertisements you see on my blog don’t earn me any money at all, even if you click on them! I’m sorry if you ever see anything offensive. WordPress puts the ads there to pay for hosting my site (so I don’t have to pay anything). That is all!


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