If you don’t like boring posts, don’t read this one. I’m warming up my blogging fingers (fingers?) after many months of hibernation, so if you’re not interested in my working-out-the-kinks process, just don’t bother with this post. It’s full of things you don’t care about.

*does finger aerobics*

First, I have some explaining to do as to why I let my blog die. It’s going to be boring. A slow boring blog death story. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Flashback to a year ago. Last summer I had an explosion of posts about my travels. In the fall, posts slowed down as I began substitute teaching. By November, I had all but lost my blogging momentum to the rush of the holidays. In December WordPress notified me that my blog was celebrating its first birthday! Let’s just say there wasn’t much celebrating going on at Parchment Cadenza because, well… the dead of winter was a little less than inspiring.

As you can see, my life is somewhat ruled by the seasons. Winter is a season that, for me, is generally characterized by a great sense of longing coupled with creative paralysis.

Creative paralysis
Creative paralysis

Last winter I wrote a post about eating ice cream in bed and wearing flip flops around the apartment to spite the cold outside. I longed singularly for warmer temperatures. This winter being stuck inside and a little bit lonely became my motivator. I longed for more piano students and to do more of what I love – teach at home, play music, create and plan. So what did I do?

EXTREME MARKETING (the real reason my blog died)

My latest season has been dominated by the taking off of my private piano studio. My Extreme Marketing phase consumed me for the better parts of January and February. These efforts started paying off in April, and I’ve been adjusting to my new routine ever since.

I went from having 7 students in March to 20 students in May. Now I’m looking ahead to summer, planning music camps, next year’s calendar, revising policies and constantly cleaning my apartment so it looks presentable for all the families coming and going each week. (I never expected cleaning to take so much time, but living in an open-concept apartment without a dishwasher doesn’t really help! #ApartmentProblems #LetsBuyAHouse Despite all the cleaning, running my music studio is the most fulfilling career in the world and I am so glad I get to write my own job description every day. #Thankful

The season of spring is when hard work starts to pay off and I remember I like things like yoga and flowers. Life has felt more inspiring now that the sun is shining and the grass turned green, and I guess that’s why I chose to write this post. For the past few months, I haven’t felt like I’ve had anything of value to say. And maybe this post won’t amount to much, but hopefully it can be the spark that gets a creative fire started.

Stories coming soon!


One thought on “Spark

  1. You go, girl! In this season of too much to get done and not enough time to do it writing a blog post makes my face go numb, the drool roll down my chin and my head nod to the side. Probably it’s the sleep-deprivation. Definitely it means I don’t have any spare time to write. But then again, there’s a magic to taking this creative time, to finding a voice each week (or month or however often you can manage) and to re-visiting blog-friends. So good to see you here! (And it wasn’t a boring post at all.)


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