Affirmative Prayer

In the process of writing this month’s What I’m Into post, I came across this prayer that I saved from last summer. It deserves to be shared! May this prayer be a little wind in your sails today.


Re-blogging this prayer from Angelica Jayne Taggart’s Consciousness Chronicles

God is Love.  God being omnipresent means Love is absolutely everywhere, therefore. Love is what I am made of and who I am. As I know this for myself, I know it for everyone.  There is nothing but Love.

I am open to feeling all of my feelings and letting them move through me with ease and grace. I am open to the mysteries and wonder of our world. I have turned the page and started a new chapter. I honor my old stories and joyfully write new ones that reflect the beauty and Love of all Life.

With a light heart, a clear head and a pure heart, I gratefully release these words to Divine Law, knowing they have been lovingly embodied and have uplifted my whole being! And so it is.


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