What I’m Into | February 2015

Jeepers! A whole month since my last post. It’s plain to see where my priorities have been! February was spent working away on music-y things. I’m sad I’m a whole day late with this post, because I like getting in on the What I’m Into action from Leigh Kramer’s linkup. It’s always fun seeing what life is like from another pair of eyes. You can check out what all the other ladies are doing here.



There were lots of highlights of this month: buying a new car, meeting Wendy Stevens, French Night with the music girls (+Eric), and taking on a new website for my local music organization.

We also started meeting with our new small group from church and I am so grateful to begin sharing life with these amazing fellow pilgrims. You just can’t put a price on community. It’s been about a year since I was last part of a small group and regularly seeing friends on my college campus, so my heart has been ready to dive into this journey of making new friendships. I see life so differently now that I’m out of school. Every bond is exponentially more valuable when you don’t have peers or even family you get to interact with every day. Loneliness is easy, but I’m trying to make intentional community a priority lately, however outside my comfort zone it feels as a serious introvert.


Still making my way page by page through The Divine Conspiracy and Surprised by Hope. I’m going to need a miracle just to have enough patience with myself to sit down and finish these this month.


Greatest moments:

  • [Subbing] Having a student tell me one of their other substitute teachers is”SO young.” I look older than someone! I’m finally aging!! (Crossing my fingers that no more high school kids will tell me I look like a 15-year old!)
  • I took a moment of honor my first anniversary of working full time. I’m basically a pro at this now.
  • [Piano Teaching] Having to repeatedly ask an 8 year old student to not squirm on the piano bench on all fours! This makes for a great lasting visual memory for me.

Something exciting that I’m doing for myself is creating office hours for piano things. Sometimes it’s difficult to separate work from the rest of my life, making it hard to ever feel “done.” There’s always more planning, more prep, and more marketing I could do – and I have been ruthlessly hacking away at it all this month. But it’s left me in shambles. So I’m trying out a new schedule for the sake of my sanity. I’ll let you know how it goes.


*WE FINALLY HAVE A TV* This is great news! The first night we had it I put in a fireplace loop DVD set to Christmas music and let it play for three hours. I guess you could say we’re re-acclimating.

We did watch “What If” with Daniel Radcliffe which was fun. And the Oscars, but we are so out of the loop it was painful. The only Oscar-nominated movie we saw this year was The Grand Budapest Hotel, which was great.


I just ate a bag of chips from a vending machine and read that one of the first ingredients is TBHQ, which is a preservative, which is a form of butane??? Gross. Don’t eat Special K Cracker Chips, guys. You might start on fire.


Hip hip hooray! My Kansas City Scenes post from last summer was listed on Strawberry Swing Indie Craft Fair’s blog! Here’s the proof. If you’re close by KC you should definitely go to the craft fair. It’s the best in the west.

In other news, the What I’m Into monthly updates might have to be the only posts on my blog for a while, despite how much I love writing. Life has felt hectic and emotional lately and it just doesn’t seem like a good time to blog. Lots of journaling will replace my public writing, which will be good for me.

How was February for you?


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