What I’m Into | January 2015

Emotional Rollercoaster

January has been filled with good things, exciting things, and also very challenging things which have taken up most of the mental space I’ve got. I’ve been thinking of writing a post as a way of collecting my thoughts and coming to a place of understanding during this month of emotional roller coasters, but the right time to sit down and do it just never came.

Thank goodness for “What I’m Into” posts. A familiar form to follow, easy topics to write about, and – bonus – you get to hear about what’s actually been happening in my real life, instead of just listening to me whine about ovens.


So I’m sitting here at the kitchen table on a Saturday morning in my pajamas, looking out our window on a cool and cloudy sky, and the best thing about right now is that I can hear the birds. Chirping, tweeting, singing, right outside my door. I don’t know why, but hearing the birds outside is so incredibly comforting. Someday I want to live in a house surrounded by big, old trees filled with little birds singing like they are today.

Today I’m thankful for Saturdays, because waking up slow is the perfect remedy for a hectic week. I’m thankful for my fancy coffee I made in our Chemex that tastes like aliveness. I’m thankful for crunchy granola cereal to fill my hungry belly, and for the gift of stillness that writing can bring, as it does today.


Car shopping… This month my car decided to bite the dust. It hasn’t been in great shape for a long time, so its final day was nothing too surprising, but nonetheless not something we were expecting this month after birthdays, Christmas, anniversary, on top of a drop in income because of the school break and days off from subbing. On top of all that, our minds and our bank accounts have been far more focused on home ownership these last 12 months, whether or not that’s a realistic venture for us at this point in time.

The excitement of having a new car dims after each time we go out to look for one and each discussion of car loans, interest rates, and what that means for our future financial forecast. My husband and I are both fairly new to this process so we’re both hesitant to make any decision when so much money is involved. Which means more days and weeks of car sharing and watching the oil stains on the pavement from my car’s insides grow larger.

This car problem that feels massive to us has us thinking about how renting a nicer, maintenance-free apartment could be far more appealing than owning a house in the near future. These big financial questions feel beyond my solving ability, and it seems like everyone has a different opinion on what “the right thing to do” is. More and more I get the feeling that there is no perfect answer, which in turn suggests that there is no wrong answer either, which is a bit of a relief. Just another reminder that life is never black and white.


Each new year I love to do some vision-casting for the coming months, and this year was especially fun to dream about because of where I’m at with my piano studio. In some ways I still feel like a newbie teacher, but in a lot of other ways I know I’ve gained valuable experience this past year and have a world of opportunities open to me for growth now that I’ve got a firm foundation set.


My work-life month in a nutshell: I got really inspired, made a bunch of goals, worked like a mad woman, got overwhelmed, and then took a generous break.

And I’m only one month into 2015… One thing at a time, right? All that to say, I’m feeling very hopeful about my studio this year. Good things are in the making.


This is the part where I usually write about food. This month has a slightly different twist.

I discovered a new Wife Skill this month: ordering Chipotle online for dinner. “Eric do you want me to pick up some Chipotle for dinner?” (The answer is always yes.) Order online… 30 minutes later walk into Chipotle and pass the 50 wide-eyed suckers in line and walk back out with two burritos LIKE A BOSS. If you’re ever feeling down, you should try ordering Chipotle online so you can pick up your food in 5 seconds and walk out feeling like the most important person in the world.

Books: I’m reading “The Independent Piano Teacher’s Studio Handbook” by Beth Gigante Klingenstein, as well as “Surprised by Hope” by N.T. Wright.

I’ve been loving these songs this month…

  • Make You Better, The Decemberists
  • Coffee, Sylvan Esso
  • Hard Sun, Eddie Vedder
  • The Woodpile, Frightened Rabbit
  • Inside Out, Spoon
  • The Perfect Life, Moby


don’t forget to laugh

This is the goofiest thing, but I found this little-pig themed Susan G. Komen calendar at one of the schools I was working at recently, and I can’t get over how cute this pink pig is! “Take time every day to do something silly.” Could there be anything truer? A sense of humor is worth more than gold.

Well this has been good for me. It feels so good to get this post published! Thanks for taking a small part in my writing therapy today.  Now you have a little update on my life. Blessings on your next month of living!


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