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“The glory of God is a human being fully alive; and to be alive consists in beholding God.” 

– Saint Irenaeus


Wake up. Hit snooze for half an hour. Throw myself out of bed and wrap my bathrobe around me tight. Curl up on the love seat with a bowl of cereal because it’s the only thing I can stomach this early in the morning. Feel so tired, like I might die. Like I need five different kinds of medicine. Consider taking off work and going back to bed, until remembering about caffeine. I make a cup of coffee or hot tea and drink it while I walk around, step into consciousness for the day. Get dressed and ready for work before rushing out the door in less than an hour since waking.

And I’m out of sorts before the day has even begun.

Yes, this has been my morning ritual for as long as I can remember. Waking up grumpy and not having a chance to let my soul breathe – without beholding God – before facing the day and all the poor people who have to face me. College will do it to you, any demanding life schedule will tempt you to sacrifice any meaningful moment dedicated to God and to the health of your soul. It happens. But I have a choice to make.

Empathy and awareness are two powerful driving forces in creating positive change. In my life, empathy and awareness are calling me to learn how to gracefully rise up to meet the day’s trials instead of letting them defeat me. When I repeatedly deny myself the open space to let the divine touch my heart, I am choosing a life marked by ticking clocks and spiritual disconnect. I am ready for something deeper, richer, full of soul. Empathy and awareness give me intention.


I wish to begin my days feeling fully alive. I want my morning ritual to be gentle, and to ease me into the day feeling centered and ready to greet the day. To start the day prepared, with a deep calm and a full heart, feeling one with God’s love for me and for the world.

This post was inspired by Lacy Ellman’s 31 Days to a Meaningful Morning, a series of posts I am keeping up with since my mornings (not to mention my devotional time) are desperately in need of a makeover. I highly recommend stopping by and checking out her website, A Sacred Journey.


6 thoughts on “Meaningful Mornings | Intention

  1. Love this, Leslie. You’ve painted a perfect image—I want to climb right in and make it my own! Can’t wait to see what comes next. Thanks for sharing the series and for sharing my book in your recent What I’m Into post!


    • Absolutely! I feel like your series is just what I have been needing lately, and your theological language is so similar to that of my church in Kansas City so I feel super connected to what you’re writing about. Looking forward to your next posts!


  2. I love the new look! Here’s hoping you’ll find your own morning ritual. My own is simple… upon waking up, while still lying in bed, I say “Good morning God!” I feel the energy of that greeting warm up my heart, spreading up to my face, resulting in a smile; and I feel the warm embrace of the Great Creator – so unknowable, so unpredictable, yet ever present. Warmed up with grace, awake in the love of the Great Unknown, I get up to start a blessed day, knowing and feeling secure in the presence of the Almighty.


    • Thank you, Rosanna! I decided to go for a blog look I enjoy more personally. Makes a big difference! I like your morning ritual of greeting God before even getting out of bed. I have done this before and am thankful for the reminder of what a warm welcome into the day it is! “Warmed up with grace, awake in the love of the Great Unknown…” Beautiful words!


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