What I’m Into | September 2014

September has flown by. I was going to say, “like a flash in the pan” but then I looked it up and it totally doesn’t mean to go by quickly. Which is okay, because it made me look something up and now I know how to use a new idiom, which is not how I would’ve used it before.

Onwards and upwards! Let’s get started.



Pumpkins are smiling, leaves are dancing, Autumn is here!

Eric and I went to the Overland Park Fall Festival last weekend and got to hear the tail end of a great performance by The Elders – a Celtic rock band with striking musical resemblances to U2 and Mumford and Sons. So good! It was hard not to dance along to their upbeat songs and be moved by their slower pieces. We were lucky to hear them do a free show! Apparently they are somewhat of a world class band.

Way back at the beginning of September, we also hit up the Prairie Village Jazz Festival, which was only slightly more than free, a measly $5 for outdoor seating to hear the Jazz Disciples, Kevin Mahogany, and others. It was a great show, and a throwback to good old Jazz in June nights I used to frequent in Lincoln with the outdoor seating and vendors abuzz in the background. I have missed Jazz in June so much since moving to Kansas City and have been so surprised there aren’t more jazz festivals around in a city defined by its jazz culture! There’s something about hanging out in your camp chair for an evening of live, open air, laid back music. You just can’t muster up that feeling any other way.

Guess who’s new on the Plaza? West Elm!! Since when did you move in to Pottery Barn’s old spot, new friend? I’ve been seeing West Elm blurbs all over design blogs and ads for them everywhere else on the interwebs this year and finally have spotted their store, smack dab in the middle of the Plaza. (Because the middle of the Plaza is Barnes and Noble of course, and West Elm is their new neighbor as of last month. I’m a little behind the times with them having been there a month already… but really. Good news is good news.)

I was really excited to see they had a section of the store featuring local printmakers like Ampersand – the Kansas City tote bag is from their studio. I think it’s pretty cool that an big wig interiors company would take the time to promote local businesses. Thumbs up, West Elm!

Speaking of interiors… IKEA opened this month too! My mom came down for a weekend this month and we went to IKEA together with Eric and checked it out. I didn’t take pictures because I was too overwhelmed during my visit there, which was on the second weekend they were open – super busy and crowded! Pretty much just imagine an airport-sized, industrial-looking building painted bright royal blue, impossible to miss from the interstate which is literally mere feet from the loading docks of this Swedish superstore. I spent probably a whole hour sitting on the couches and in various office chairs patiently waiting while my shopping cohorts browsed the model rooms in all their intricate decor. I can tell you they have a good lost and found department, since my husband lost his phone somewhere while we were walking the living room maze and was successful in finding it in the hands of a staff member minutes later. We thought he was a goner! (Eric’s cell phone.)


Last but not least, more window-shopping photos, this time from Vinyl Renaissance and my golden friend, Barnes & Noble. Notice the quote on the right is none other than a haiku! (YES!) And just guess what book it came out of… Suburban Haiku by Peyton Price. I must have it. I’m slowly turning into a suburbanite, despite my resistance attempts like when I go out to eat in Westport… and then revisit this lovely lookout over Kansas City, Kansas. Not too shabby for a suburb girl.

it was a marvelous night for a moon dance



First of all, there are two books at the top of my must-read list: The Northwoods Hymnal by Luke Hawley is calling my name, most of all because I know him and it is awesome to read a book written by someone you know. Luke’s wife was my friend when I was in high school and we worked at the same coffee shop. So by “someone I know,” I mostly mean that Luke is someone I may or may not have made a latte for at one point in time. It counts, right? P.S. Back to the point – The Northwoods Hymnal has won a Nebraska Book Award, which means you should probably get your hands on a copy too and check it out.

Pilgrim Principles by Lacy Ellman is next in line on my reading list. Reason: I love her blog, so I know I am going to love her book. Her writing on contemplative spirituality is stirring, calling me to live a deeper life – something I easily overlook in the whirlwind of daily living but am drawn to.

Eric and I watched Birdcage and Did You Hear About the Morgans? this month and much laughter was had. Everyone needs a good comedy now and then (I’d say just about once a month). Doesn’t matter if the movie is old or new.

This change in seasons has me in the mood for Simon and Garfunkel. Music that is chill and serious, meaningful and full of emotion feels just right this month.

As far as food, this month’s recommendation from me is for McCoy’s Country Club Salad, but everything at McCoy’s is delicious so maybe I would just recommend going to their restaurant in Westport. Yum! That is all.


I Spy: Union Station, Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts, The President Hotel, and more

My deck-of-card-sized Canon Power Shot SD 780 continues to be the little camera that could, earning its keep every day I cart it around in my purse “just in case” a Kodak moment (or shall we say Canon moment?) presents itself. Somewhere deep down, there’s a minimalist inside of me that loves its compact size so much that I perhaps wouldn’t choose to upgrade even if the quality of the photos I take wasn’t so surprisingly good. For a night picture, this shot of the Kansas City skyline from on top of the World War Museum is pretty dang nice, considering the age and limits of my gear. I am so happy with it!


There is a chance that I’ll be doing a series of interviews starting in October. Since graduating from college, I’ve been intrigued with the career choices people around me are making and more curious than ever about the job-related choices people who are farther along on their journey have made. Some questions that have been floating around in my mind:

What inspires career choice and changes along the way?
What enables people to choose?
What holds them back?
How much is a job reflective of a person’s values or dreams?
How often do people wind up pursuing the dreams they nurtured as children?
How often does a person choose job on the basis of  simply meeting their needs?

It’s probably natural I’ve been doing all this wondering about jobs. I’ve only been in the full time business for about 10 months, with a long way to go and a lot of questions about the future.

Thanks for listening to me blab about my life. It feels good. I’m looking forward to hearing what other linkup folks have to say!

Take care everyone,



5 thoughts on “What I’m Into | September 2014

  1. I wish I had an Ikea closer to me. Our nearest one is Atlanta, which is 4 hours from where I am. But probably for the best.

    Glad to see you recommend some good comedies, because yes, we all need at least one per month. 🙂

    Enjoyed your photos here. Visiting from the linkup at Leigh’s.


    • Hi Leigh! I was jealous of Chicago and Denver for a long time. Maybe Ikea will come your way next. I, for one, wish I could make a trip to the Music City! I almost went to college there but settled on something closer to home.


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