Decorating for Fall and THINGS THAT MAKE ME ANGRY

Angry woman

Let me tell you a little about what I’ve been up to and a then about something that gets me RED IN THE FACE. (Leslie is experimenting with caps lock today because she just drank a cup of strong coffee and feels PASSIONATE about what she’s about to say.)

It has been too long since I’ve logged a new post. My apologies to you, because I know it’s no fun to be a reader of a bland blog. Or should I say blah-g ? (Get it?) Despite the neglect of my blog lately, my life has been full of activity. Here’s what I’ve been up to in the hours I’ve spent away from Parchment Cadenza:

  • Enrolling new students in my studio
  • Teaching piano in the evenings
  • Substitute teaching during the day
  • Fixing up my work space and piano nook
  • Doing my duties for the professional music organization of which I am a member
  • Cleaning my house
  • Cooking up a storm and managing the ensuing debris (washing dishes)
  • Decorating my house for fall
  • Going to a wedding
  • Contemplating writing a memoir (!?)
  • Never drinking enough coffee, like the one below…
Come to me, beautiful cup of latte...
Come to me, beautiful cup of latte…

So that is what my life has been like outside of my blog recently. If you read between the lines while going through the list above, you might’ve noticed that I work several non-traditional jobs in my daily life rather than one steady 9-5. I know that route is not the average choice for most college grads, but hopefully you understand that this is my first choice for my career and not a plan B. If you are on board with this idea of working multiple part-times to suit one’s personality and meet one’s needs, you can just skip reading the next paragraph. If not, well, I’ve been dying to say this…

To the people who turn their noses up at people like me who work multiple part time jobs (because it’s what they love to do!) I have to tell you making a living this way is no walk in the park, sweetheart. It is fun and rewarding but it is also hard work and keeps me very busy. And if you think not having one full time job means I’m not using my degree, take a look at the work I’m doing: I’m teaching music. I am a music teacher. I AM using my music education degree, in case you didn’t notice. Please stop making comments to me and secretly thinking I do nothing all day because it’s making me insecure about what I have chosen to do! So there, I have vulnerabilities.

(By the way, no one should have to justify their career choice by bragging – and since when did it become bragging? – about how busy they are. People are too stressed out as it is. I’m just saying that I am not a bum nor have I ever been a bum. I have been employed since the age of 14. I have been feeling the need to tell the world this lately in defense of my life choices, because the world has not been too friendly to me about my job and even my hobbies these days. Would you believe it? I’m sure you’d understand.)

If you are a person who is understanding of others, it’s time to spread the love. People like me need your glowing comments and positive attitudes. I, for one, am super sensitive to any comments that have any negative edge, because I am already critical of myself. More criticism is just unnecessary.

In defense of the part-timer, anyone who pieces together a full time stint from working a combination of jobs, let us help the world understand what that is like:

We actually work 40 hours a week, sometimes more, it just doesn’t look like us driving to work at 7:30 am every day and coming home around 5. It’s different. Sometimes we work from home and sometimes we work different hours outside the home. Our schedules are different every single week so it’s impossible for people around us to predict just where we might end up each day at any given time. Some weeks we have these golden sparkling moments when lunch with a friend is possible, because we have the freedom to cut out that time from our work day and it’s glorious, and we’re sorry you can’t do that too, but we can because we’ve made certain choices about how to order our life with flexibility, and we love it. That doesn’t mean we are bums. The unpredictability of our schedules keeps us on our toes but the security of knowing we always have jobs coming keeps us grounded.

I'm eating lunch BUT I'M NOT A USELESS BUM
I’m eating lunch BUT I’M NOT A USELESS BUM

I feel SO strongly that no one should ever be criticized for what they do to make a living that I am considering doing a blog series on it. I’ve been contemplating doing a series of interviews with working women for a while now, and can’t wait for when I can announce that it’s actually happening sometime in the near future, hopefully. There are so many unnerving and disrespectful attitudes in our world regarding women in the workplace AND out of the workplace (stay at home moms?), from female business owners to women trying to work their way up the career ladder to women who provide care for family members, etc. My main problem with these negative attitudes and ideas that women aren’t working hard enough or can’t do the same things men do is that I think every human being deserves respect, especially a human being trying to do good work while also being true to themselves, and I find that women are most often disrespected for what they choose to spend their lives doing.

RESPECT. I shouldn’t even have to ask for it.


Photo credit to Your Powers Defined, Wikipedia and FanPop


7 thoughts on “Decorating for Fall and THINGS THAT MAKE ME ANGRY

  1. Leslieeeee!

    Thank you for the comment on my Peach Galette post first of all, but- I love your blog.

    I have been avoiding my Reader feed for months now, because quite frankly: it’s hard to find up and coming blogs such as this one. A blog that is visually pleasing (beautiful, simply imagery, well done!), has content that is not only readable but engaging and inspiring, AND isn’t already clogged up with sixty thousand followers and no longer any options to ‘like’ or ‘comment’. There are a few blogs with WP I follow that have become large enough that they no longer communicate openly with their followers via this platform. Whether it’s lack of time or lack of wanting to I don’t know, but the down to earth up and comer such as yourself that has something to say and is creative- this is exactly what I love to find here.

    Blogs like yours are part of the reason I enjoying being here. Now excuse me while I stop writing to sip a latte of my own, to read more of your posts….

    Genuinely happy to have found your site as well, all the best!


    PS- I too struggle with being a woman in the work world, and am currently building a plan for branching out of my decade-long full time job, into a life where I work multiple jobs instead. Multiple jobs that better express all of my interests and skills.

    For good. For the remainder of my working life. (unless something unimaginably good were to arise!)

    So this post is particularly near and dear to my little heart. Thank you + “You Go Girl!”


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  2. Oh you so just made my day, maybe even my week! Thanks for your awesome compliments. Congratulations on taking that big step into a new kind of work life! I have only been out of college for a year but I’ve been LOVING what I get to do – the variety and flexible pace are just right for me. I wish you the best in crafting a schedule that suits you! The right doors will be open to you and things will work out 🙂 I actually had a friend offer to do some photography of the working women I’m hoping to interview so now this thing just has to happen! I hope it will be inspiring for you.

    I happily read and respond to reader comments, so I’m super glad you’re here! WordPress IS a great platform for connecting that way. I will so be stalking your blog for amazing recipes!! I can’t wait to try that post-workout protein shake, yummmm !


  3. Leslie I don’t know if you remember me… we worked together at pioneer way back in the day 🙂 So I have a music education degree and an teaching part time at a studio. I have been feeling down about it lately because it’s not full time and not people’s expectations of what I should be doing with my life. However cleaning and cooking and running errands on top of that is a full time job! Thanks for the post it was inspiring and I agree with what you are saying. You go girl! Don’t let the nay-sayers get you down. Do what you love and don’t apologize for it!


    • Oh my gosh, of course I remember you Katie! You were my favorite co-worker because we could talk about the same things 🙂 It’s really great to hear from you! And thanks for your comment. Working at a studio is not a bad gig, at least in a fellow music ed person’s opinion. But other people aren’t always understanding… especially full time teachers who are expecting you to get the kind of job they have! Ahh. So annoying. I’m so on board with doing what you love! You deserve to be treated as a professional no matter where your degree has taken you. So good to hear from you!!


  4. Miss Leslie,
    I am left wondering what it is that has raised your fur. Did someone look down their nose at you while you were checking out at Target? Did a relative make not-so-subtle remarks about your career choices? Did a well-meaning friend inquire after what you “really” want to do with your life?
    Maybe it’s because I have also been a cobbler of jobs for as long as I can recall, but I see no shame in the multi-job life. The occasions that I have it has usually been self-inflicted. It is because I think I should have a career that is more stable and comes with benefits. But that just isn’t where God has put me, at least not right now. Right now I am freelancing for a newspaper, teaching a memoir workshop, working as a writing tutor and contracting to content write for a church website. Tiny itty bitty jobs that don’t even pay my rent. I can only do this because I am a student and I have loans to make up where I lack, but the life of a cobbler can be a wonderful thing.
    On the other hand, I do not know if this will always be the “best” thing for me. I do not think it is “selling out” for an artist to take a corporate job with the kind of company that gives them unlimited coffee and corporate t-shirts, vacation days, sick days, and discounted airfare. I applied for such a job on a whim a few months ago and if I had gotten it I would seriously have considered quitting school and deferring my degree. This is a hard thing to explain to an arts community of writers who are trying to express painful and beautiful truth through letters, but it would not have been a “sell out” for me. It would have been amazing.
    I guess what I’m trying to say is, work is work and work is good. It is a good thing to work no matter how you do it. (But secretly it is a better thing to work when the work includes free coffee).
    I feel we are overdue for a writerly chat, but until that happens again, keep on keeping on!
    – Amanda


    • Yes, people have definitely said and done things that have ruffled my feathers. Don’t you wish people who say the wrong think would think before they spoke? I’ll have to tell you in more detail during our writerly chat. I wouldn’t hold it against you if you got a corporate job. Some corporations are awesome! I honestly wouldn’t mind having more stability myself sometimes. I agree, “it is a good thing to work no matter how you do it.” Just feeling angst-y about how some people think less of others and treat them unequally just because of their job title(s). Keep doing your thing, Amanda! I support your menagerie of jobs 🙂 Keeps life interesting!


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