What I’m Into | August 2014

trees in august

So I’m a week late with my What I’m Into post for August, but I have a feeling no one’s going to complain so I’m posting it anyway, nice and belated, like a birthday card from your distant aunt. Sorry I can’t enclose the $5 bill like she always does, but there’s a picture of some really delicious ice cream in here to make up for it.

This post is my two cent contribution to the fabulous Leigh Kramer’s What I’m Into link-up.


I started reading Still Writing: The Perils and Pleasures of a Writing Life by Dani Shapiro and plan to pick it back up next time I get to plop down with a stack of books in the Barnes & Noble café. (I’m cheating the system little by little… so subversive, I know!) I did actually purchase and read Bird by Bird by Anne Lammott though, so I could dog-ear pages and star and underline quotes to my heart’s content. She is so fun and quirky to read! Like I mentioned in one of my last posts, I’ve been filling up on writing books and information, seeing where it leads me. What goes in must come out… right? If I don’t turn out to be a famous writer, I at least know I have good taste.

By the way, if you’re an educator (like me!) you really should sign up for the Educator Discount card at Barnes & Noble so you can save 20% on every purchase. What a steal!



I only watched one movie in August. It was good though. If there’s only one movie you’re going to watch in an entire month, The Giver (based on the book by Lois Lowry) is a winner and I would highly recommend it. I just finished reading Son, the final book in her series, and after seeing The Giver I’m starting to feel the need to re-read all the other books in the series!


I haven’t been intentional at all in listening to music lately. I’ve mostly been listening on Pandora, and some in the car. Here’s what suited my fancy in August:

  • Ghost Stories album by Coldplay
  • Elton John
  • Billy Joel
  • Bob Dylan

Side note: as a piano teacher I “listen” to a lot of music during students’ lessons. I’ve spent the last few weeks getting the little bugs ready for their Halloween recital coming up in October, so I’ve got songs like “Little Shop of Horrors” (it’s catchy and upbeat, really), and “The Haunted Mouse”. These are probably not songs you’re going to add to your On-the-Go playlist, I am guessing, unless you happen to be a piano teacher too.



This month I made dairy-free banana ice cream and cooked lots of super healthy, delicious meals out of my favorite cookbook, It’s All Good by Gwyneth Paltrow. I’ve probably mentioned it in a What I’m Into post before… sorry if I’m boring you! It’s worth multiple mentions, the recipes are so good.

Kitchen Pantry Updates: I decided garbanzo beans are my new favorite ingredient to use in salads and veggie dishes, and this month started using this stuff called Vegenaise, which is a miracle product. Spread it on toast along with some Dijon mustard and place some slices of hard boiled eggs and avocados on it and it is the best toast you will ever eat in your life.


  • Spending quality time with family in Colorado to celebrate my one and only nephew’s 2nd birthday
  • Getting back into substitute teaching and taking on new private piano students and watching them learn and grow
  • Having a real piano in my apartment to play beautiful music and teach students – we had it moved in this month, hurray!


I’ve spent my fair share of time perusing the internets the last few weeks. Good thing there are plenty of quality pages out there! Here are my top four:

  • Elora Nicole – passion meets creativity with posts that are inspirational food for thought
  • Montgomeryfest – two love birds travel Europe + California and share their beautiful photos and fun posts
  • La Blogothèque – music files
  • The Everygirl – Career, Culture, Fashion, Living, Travel, Wellness… this site is like the ultimate online magazine geared towards the female species.

More… I feel like the following sites shouldn’t count because they’re commercial blogs, but I’ve enjoyed checking out the blogs for Anthropologie, Shabby Chic and Paper Source in addition to the ones above. Lots of pretty pictures and ideas!


photo credit: diane martelle

Walking down the path to the lake in Colorado.


I took a hiatus from my blog after feeling a little discouraged about knowing what direction to go with it this month, so if you noticed a blip on the radar, no worries – that was just me taking a break. I am back in action and looking forward to being a refreshed and renewed part of the blogosphere.

After reinstating my blog, I added a new category of posts: Inspire Me. I realized there are a lot of times I want to share something I’ve run across in my blogging/internet/reading travels, so that’s what it’s there for. By the way, my first Inspire Me post was a link to an interview with bestselling author, Emily Giffin. So good! Definitely worth a read.

Hope your September is off to a great start!



P.S. If you feel so inclined to leave a comment, I am polling the audience to see 1) Why do you love blogging? (this may have to do with your blogging goals) and 2) What are your best blogging tips? Design, content, posting schedule, anything you feel has improved your blog, I would love to know!


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