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This is the seventh post in my series covering my recent escapades and adventures in California. For more, check out Leslie’s California Travel Log.

Before leaving on our family trip, I consulted with a friend who knows San Fran like the back of her hand about what we ought to see. (Psst – she’s a writer and has an awesome blog called Destination San Francisco. Go check it out!) Most of the things our family ended up seeing had been discussed with Amanda and were on my page of notes I took during our coffee date. So I have her to thank for giving me the insider scoop!

sf list
The List

My most burning question for Amanda when we met for coffee was, “Where are those bright, colorful tall houses that are all squished together? I want to see those!” Now I know the word for them: row houses. I told her when I think of San Francisco, that is the image that comes to mind. (I am 99% sure a bird documentary I watched in 9th grade called The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill* provided this imagery for me. Funny how things stick with you.) Her answer: The Painted Ladies in Alamo Square.

I had to see these houses. On Tuesday after spending the morning in Golden Gate Park, Eric and I set off on our own on the bus to Alamo Square. We were blessed with some sunshine and finally San Francisco started looking more like the place I had imagined all these years. The colorful houses popped against the skyline like they had come straight out of a storybook.

A sweet photography session taking place at the top of the hill
A sweet photography session taking place at the top of the hill in Alamo Square Park, the best spot to get pictures of the homes all around. The park itself was really nice as well, with tall trees shading a play area and benches it in the center.
Steep incline up to the top of the park in the center of Alamo Square.
Steep incline up to the top of the park in the center of Alamo Square.
Unique paint colors and intricate Victorian architectural elements stand out on each of these historic homes.

As you can see from the pictures, the trees were a little too tall to get a great shot of the rows of houses. But I like trees, so it was okay.

I couldn’t help but think how fun it would be to take the four girls I nanny here on a warm summer day if they lived here instead of Kansas City. The play area of the park looked like so much fun and it was just so neat to have such a great view and a nice breeze up at the top of the hill on Alamo Square. Of course, KC has great neighborhood parks too, but I think this one is probably greatly treasured by families in the area.

So that’s all for that short post! Kind of a refresher after my 1000+ word essay on the de Young Museum.

You’re in for a treat with the next post! Tuesday night we went to Fisherman’s Wharf, browsed the lobsters and seagulls and crowds, listened to a mind boggling one-man-band, and ate at Boudin’s AND Ghirardelli Square. Oh how I do love food, and beautiful restaurants! I’ve heard some tourists don’t make it past Fisherman’s Wharf on their whole trip to SF, there’s so much to see and do. So be on the lookout for that post coming up in the next few days! It was a blast to experience.

Thanks for sticking with me, team! Seven posts down, only five to go.

Until next time,


*P.S. The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill documentary is amazing. You should watch it. You might cry.


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