Same Great Quality, New Smart Look

Dear World,

How are you? I hope just fine.

I am writing this letter to tell you that I have changed my blog theme (the way everything looks on here). It would be impossible not to notice, and distinctly probable to suffer some confusion. Yes, you are at the same blog as yesterday. It’s still me, Leslie, blabbing my thoughts into cyberspace. I’m going to borrow a phrase here. It’s like this…

Same great quality, new smart look.

In Steal Like an Artist, they told me it’s okay to borrow ideas as long as I’m honoring the original creativity. So I’m riffing off of that.

Visual Aids

New Look, Same Great Taste
New Look, Same Great Taste

Lattes, I honor you. Many a frothy latte have I sipped in my time, and each with pleasant caffeinated satisfaction. Might I go so far as to say I wouldn’t be the same today if it weren’t for you, coffee-in-general, as you provided a college job and fueled many late night studies. Maxwell House, thank you for your original creativity in making this product, as well as your new packaging. I tip my hat to your graphic designer and the writer who penned, “New Look, Same Great Taste!” My blog is like that, minus taste. If you want to taste something great, I’d go with the latte. No one wants to see you lick your screen.

Same Awesomeness, New Look
Same Awesomeness, New Look

Another product I have deep appreciation for: men’s deodorant. Old Spice, I honor you for your good smells and whatever ingredient you contain that blocks B.O. smell. I hate B.O. smell, and you, Old Spice, are the winning warrior of this age old battle every male person who’s gone through puberty faces. You are the hero who keeps my boys’ choir classes singing and my nose from wrinkling when I must sub for P.E. Your line, “Same Awesomeness, New Look” really resonates with what I’m doing here on my blog and I hope you don’t mind if I pay a little homage to your product.

May this change in blog design be a hypothetical toast to the artistic process, to dancing in life’s inherently changing seasons, and to always staying open to newness. I want to thank my readers for bearing with me and encourage them that change is okay.

It’s going to be okay. I’m here.



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