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This is the fourth post in my series covering my recent escapades and adventures in California. For more, check out Leslie’s California Travel Log.

On Monday night after our arrival in San Francisco, we boarded a Red and White Fleet boat off of Fisherman’s Wharf, ready to take in views of the bay and the Golden Gate Bridge.

I learned on this trip that San Francisco is really cold in July. It’s also pretty foggy as dusk falls. I think if I could go to San Fran another time, I would pick a warmer month, like October, now that I’m no longer a California travel newbie. Like I mentioned in my introduction, California is a land of variety and contrasts. While temperatures dropped into the 50’s near the coast (windchill considered), cities and parks just hours away topped out in the 100’s. Talk about a split personality!

As the boat ventured further from the shore, we approached Alcatraz – the deserted prison island – which was pretty eerie in the fog. We also motor boated by Treasure Island, where the 1939 World’s Fair was held.

Finally, the bridge came into sight.

more bridge

It is ginormous.

I was so excited to see the Golden Gate Bridge! It’s such an iconic landmark of the city and an incredible structure to boot. Weighing in at 83,000 tons (not to mention the vehicles that travel across it), the bridge stretches three quarters of a mile between its two supports. That blows my mind.

Here’s a fancy diagram.

goldengateI was able to get some better photos the next day when we checked out the visitor center and walked the bridge out to the first tower.

The towers supporting the bridge feature geometric Art Deco elements.
The towers supporting the bridge feature geometric Art Deco elements.
Traffic on the bridge
Traffic on the bridge
View of the bay
Don't look down...
Don’t look down…

So now I can say I have set foot on the Golden Gate Bridge. I’ll admit that even though I was freezing mostly the whole time, it was pretty cool to see and experience for myself, instead of just in pictures. Next I’ll be posting about visiting the Conservatory of Flowers (and a little about the de Young Museum) in Golden Gate Park. If you prefer cheery flowers to foggy towers, this will be the post for you.




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