California Travel Log | Pebble Beach at Sunset


This is the second post in my series covering my recent escapades and adventures in California. For more, check out Leslie’s California Travel Log.

Pebble Beach was about a 15-minute trip from our first stop in Monterey. We took the scenic route and drove along the coast via 17-Mile Drive. We were on our way to spend the night in Carmel, and were just in time to catch the sun setting over the ocean.

Map of 17-Mile Drive


First stop, Spanish Bay

This was our first stop along the drive, where the waters were relatively calm, though it was too cold to swim – the temperature doesn’t warm up on the coast until August or September. Still, people were out walking or reading on  picnic benches, enjoying the view and the sound of the tides.

Wildflowers on the beach

Surprisingly, there weren’t many wildflowers along the coast, so these hardy purple and white flowers came as a special sight. I knew California was going through a drought, but we found out for ourselves just how severe its effects have been this year at most of the stops on our trip.


Later along the drive you could start to see the true character of this beach. Rocky shores buffer the rough waves at the water’s edge. We watched the waves come in from far off the coast until they rushed in and crashed against the big rocks, making giant splashes.


Some hopeful surfers.


17-Mile Drive is known for its beautiful links golf course. The Lodge (the golf course’s headquarters) was built in 1919. Can you imagine golfing on the beach? Sounds pretty fabulous to me.

Somewhere along the way my camera battery died (I took too many photos at the aquarium I suppose!), so I’m supplementing below with four great pictures I found on this website.

Clockwise from the upper left: The Lone Cypress, Bird Rock, The Inn at Spanish Bay (a ritzy hotel), and Spanish Bay itself in a year where the beach grass grew nice and green.

I was looking in the windows of a couple of realty offices the next day in Carmel, and they had featured the most expensive homes for sale in their storefront windows. All of the numbers were in the millions. Of course, the “home” featured above is actually a hotel, but many other homes along 17-Mile Drive were just as nice, if a bit smaller.  The most expensive home for sale I spotted in the realtor’s window sat at a whopping 14 million dollars.

I heard Clint Eastwood lives somewhere nearby. I had to wonder how many celebrities make their homes here in this beautiful, incredibly pricey neighborhood.

It was fun to drive through and see all the natural beauty of this place.

After the sun set at Pebble Beach, we headed into Carmel for a night at a quaint bed and breakfast and a morning spent window shopping in the little town. My next post will be about that portion of our trip.


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