Christopher Elbow

It’s time for a Kansas City Pro Tip. Here it is:

GO to the Christopher Elbow store, then
EAT the chocolate.

I got to go to the Christopher Elbow store in KC for the first time yesterday, and I was so amazed! My 3 chocolates were gone in about 3 bites. (That’s how you’re supposed to eat them, right? 😉 ) The staff person was very friendly, and the store was beautiful. I give it five stars. You should go there and eat at least one chocolate if you haven’t before. (Or ‘pate de fruit,’ if you don’t like chocolate!)

elbowstorePhoto credit goes to Ali Ebright of Gimme Some Oven. Check out her Tour of Elbow Chocolates post, complete with more beautiful photos and an interview with the Christopher Elbow.

If you’re out and about (or as my husband and I like to say, “oot in a boot”) in Kansas City, you’re sure to run across Elbow chocolates at various food retailers (the Roasterie or Dean and DeLuca for example) but there’s nothing like going to the source. This store is where all the chocolates are made to be shipped around the US, including their store in San Francisco.

Speaking of San Fran, I’m going there next week. Pictures will be shared!


3 thoughts on “Christopher Elbow

  1. ..but if you are in San Francisco ya gotta go to Ghirardelli down by the piers:)
    Ive never heard of Elbow Chocolates, I’ll have to keep a look out next time I’m in SF!


    • I went to Ghirardelli Square in SF! So amazing. We got ice cream there and it was delicious. Definitely worth visiting! Thanks for the recommendation! I have some fun pics and stories I’ll be sharing about my trip, just posted a list of the places we visited today 🙂 P.S. I always enjoy your posts! I feel like we are in a similar place in life.


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