Milo Falls in Love

one for the scrapbook

It was a monumental week in the life of my pet giraffe, Milo. I am happy to announce that he has met the love of his life.

This week Jazzy Milo took a trip to the Kansas City Zoo to see some of his animal friends. Among the many new friends he made this week at the zoo, a polar bear named Nikita stood out. Milo had never met a polar bear before, since he spends his time in much warmer climates than these beautiful white bears are accustomed to. At first Milo was concerned about Nikita’s comfort. Is she uncomfortably warm living in Missouri, instead of the North Pole? But he later found out that the friendly zookeepers keep her den and pool at a cozy 65 degrees, so she can cool off when the sun is shining hot like it was on the day he visited the zoo.

After leaving the zoo, Milo couldn’t get his mind off the beautiful polar bear, Nikita. Her white fur was so beautiful and he found her natural habitat so intriguing, as it was so different from his own. She is so interesting, he thought. He decided he must be in love, even if it would have to be love at a distance, since they would always be separated by the transparent glass walls of her enclosure.

I will be happy to take Milo back to see Nikita at the Kansas City Zoo at his request and will be sure to share the stories as they come.

If you like polar bears or children’s literature, you might like this book by Eric Carle, read aloud by Gwyneth Paltrow. Click the image below to listen to Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? on YouTube.



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