Feels Like Summer

Summer is a time to refresh and renew. Though I find that stresses do not subside as much as I always expect them to in the summertime, there are some welcome gifts summer has brought me. Here are three things that lifted my spirits and refreshed me today.


salted grapefruit candle

Salty sweet candles like this Salted Grapefruit one are tingly and effervescent, bringing me out of the heat-fog of summer. Scents like pear and melon are comforting and energizing at the same time. I could burn those fruity, earthy candles all day. I also love my kitchen hand soap, Softsoap’s Wild Basil and Lime. It’s got the tang of lime and earthiness of basil. A cheap “kitchen addition” and easy mood brightener.


Along with long, full days of natural light streaming in my windows. And cheesecake-yellow. Light colors lighten my heart and wake me up. I’m tempted to cover all my furniture in white sheets for summer, just for a fresh look. Also, cheesecake is good.


Sometimes life just makes you want to be horizontal. I had a rough week ending in a make-you-cry kind of headache, and decided the only acceptable way to transition into my weekend was to get a coconut smoothie and lay on the Nelson Atkins’ luxurious public lawn. Thank you, sunshine, for sinking into my weary bones and making today a success.

What do you do to refresh and renew in the summertime? What are your favorite scents, colors, and restorative parts of summer?



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