Angel Leaf Begonia Plant, Gregory Hochman
Angel Leaf Begonia Plant, Gregory Hochman

This post was written in response to Writing 101, Day One: Unlock the Mind, part of Blogging University Class of June 2014.

The instructions said to gather rain, then water it once a week until the water seeped out onto the plate under the pot. But in the first week before I’d set out my rain catcher, precipitation fell overnight in the form of snow. In the morning with sleep in my eyes and my pajamas on, I slunk outside hoping no one would notice and scooped the snow off the ledge by our entrance. I filled my light green cup with the white ice fluff after a number of slow scrapes against the cement. This was completely new to me and I was afraid a neighbor would see and think strange thoughts about me, scooping snow with a plastic cup in my pajamas. I didn’t even know if I was doing it right.

I warmed my hands inside and set the cup of snow on the countertop to melt. How long it would take to melt I didn’t know, but thought of it as a new experiment. House plant ownership was full of new experiences, I supposed. I would wait for the snow to melt then water my indoor plant for the first time.

Turns out being an adult is full of these kinds of experiments. You try to do things, and you read the directions and you still don’t even know if you’re doing it right, but you just try. I’m starting small, with plant ownership. I know I must be doing something right because it’s still alive and I even read the directions, for heaven’s sake. I do not always read the directions, but I have been told it is the right thing to do.

Other things I can do as an adult: make banana bread, be married, talk to strangers.

If you need to know how to do something, the directions are always online. Or ask your mom, or somebody’s mom. They know things.

I made nachos for the first time last night. I tried to use what I thought was ground beef, but it turned out it was actually some kind of salisbury steak-mystery meat product. Too bad. Try again next time. Tonight I’m eating out.

Things I haven’t done yet: own a dog, own a house, raise kids.


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