Milo at the Park

Milo in grass

Milo was a lucky giraffe this week and got to chomp on the grasses at our local park. Doesn’t he look right at home?

By the way, I brought my toy giraffe, Milo, with me one day to show to the girls I nanny. One of them was playing with it for a while and then announced, “I think your giraffe is a cow!” We had just been to see some cows at a farm, and she had gotten to learn about how cows are milked. I looked at her, confused, “Why do you think it’s a cow?”

“Because it has udders!” she said and pointed indiscreetly!

Ha! I had not noticed the udders on Milo before this week. Apparently I should have named him something more feminine! I don’t know if there’s any going back now.


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