Swimming for Free

toes in pool
Hope you don’t mind checking out my tootsies.

I am happy to announce that my first post for The Good Life on a Shoestring is about getting poolside access for zero dollars all summer long.

How did I manage it? This one was easy. Neighborhood pool = free passes for all neighborhood citizens.

Though I didn’t have to be creative at all to work this one out, I think the pool passes will make a big difference for my hubby and I this summer. Having free swimming all summer long could prove to be our best inhibitor of entertainment-related purchases, not to mention avoiding paying $7 a pop to swim at the public pool, or spending over $30 on a summer pass. I have a feeling we will spend fewer afternoons at the movies or going shopping when we have the ability to lay out or swim at the pool for free all days of the week.

The pool opened yesterday and we got to dip our toes in today for the first time! I sat poolside and started reading Island of the Blue Dolphins, my most recent check-out from the local library. I found out you can bring food and drinks with you, so next time I’m bringing my iced tea!

Until next time,



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