Milo Takes a Time Out

Milo and Dave Brubeck
Milo takes a ‘Time Out’ with Dave.

This week Milo wanted to share with you how much he enjoys the Dave Brubeck Quartet. He found this record at Goodwill for 99 cents. What a steal! He’s looking forward to spotlighting some of his other jazz records in upcoming posts in his Friday series on Parchment Cadenza. Milo’s got some great taste! He’ll also be showcasing his favorite places to record dive in Kansas City. Something to look forward to!

Milo prepares to explore the West Coast.

In his free time this week, Milo ventured out to Barnes and Noble to stick his nose in several travel books, particularly those of the California variety. He’s hoping to make it there next month (if he can catch a ride in his owner’s carry on) and share some of his adventures with you all upon his return. Milo is all about living life to the fullest, taking healthy risks, and finding adventures in new places. Can you relate?


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