I’m writing this post in honor of National Bike Month, and Ride Your Bike to Work Day which is this week.

Let me start this way. What makes you feel alive? What brings back memories and connects you with your childhood while also providing new experiences and bringing joy and health into your life?

Many things make me feel alive, and I am thankful for the variety of pleasures God has put in my life! (Teaching, making music, writing, being with people, etc.) One of those joys I have been missing lately though, is riding my bike.

Here’s how it began.

Where I grew up in Nebraska, there is a thing called the Mopak Trail, and it is majestic.

My memories of it go all the way back to when I rode it with my mom and dad – back when I had training wheels and band-aid knees. It was on the trail that I learned how to find the milk in a milkweed plant, and how to avoid poison ivy. When I outgrew my training wheels, I rode the bike trail all the way to Walton, Nebraska with my dad. I remember stopping at a wood-floored convenience store there to buy granola bars and more bottled water. As a teenager, I would ride the trail alone, lost in my many thoughts, every now and then making sense of my questions.

Sunlight streams into all these memories. I can still feel the sun in my eyes, the sweat on my brow, see my arms stretched out in front of me, hands firmly gripping the handlebars. Tall trees, grasses and cattails on either side led into expansive fields of prairie. I remember breathing the golden air heavy with pollens, humidity, and the scent of nature’s exhalations.

Now for a short tale of woe…

I’ve had two bicycles stolen from me in my lifetime. Yes, they were nice ones. Yes, I had locks on them. Yes they were locked just outside my home. My most recent bicycle was stolen during my freshman year of college.

So much for bike rides to class.

I have now been bicycle-less for 5 years. The angst of having two awesome bikes stolen from me makes me want another one all the more.

This is the one I want.

She’s a looker.

I am saving my pennies for this bike, or a used one with similar specs. You know how things tend to come up when you are saving money, and you end up having to spend it on car repairs or paying your student loan… That’s my life right now. This story is to-be-continued, because I am on a journey to solving my bikelessness problem, and it’s not over yet.

What a cliffhanger! I know.

In the meantime, I will be looking at other bloggers’ On the Move photos and pretending I am seeing what they are seeing from atop my blue bicycle.

Here’s my [Piano Teacher] On the Move pic, taken while en route to teach a piano lesson:

gold flecks
On the Move on streets of gold… Helicopter seeds glint in the sun like gold flakes. Someday I will be seeing this from the seat of my bicycle, rather than inside my car.

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