Mothers are for Loving // An Interview with My Mom

The Child's Bath, by Mary Cassatt
The Child’s Bath, by Mary Cassatt

Mother’s Day is this Sunday. In honor of my mom, I chose to interview her on my blog!

My mom is a neat lady. She is unique and beautiful inside and out! She’s always been a working mother, spent several years as a single mom, and just made Grandma status two years ago when my step sister had her first child. Since I’m a grown up now and she doesn’t wash my feet anymore (see featured image above), she has become a leader in volunteer work in her community.

Here’s how my interview-chat went with my mom, the amazing lady who raised me! 

I’m just beginning my career in the working world. You’ve always been a working mom. Can you tell me some of the jobs you’ve held?

I started working when I was 14 as a waitress, then I worked in nursing homes, a 1-hour photo lab, then Nebraska Parol Board, and the Department of Corrections. I have worked for attorneys and in inmate records, and now I am a child support enforcement case worker for the county of York.

Can you tell me about some of your activities outside of work?

My activities outside of work mostly deal with church related activities and the rescue mission where Dave works and we do ministry in the jail and at the rescue mission.

What does the future hold for you? I remember you mentioning once that you’d enjoy having a garden.

If I had all the time in the world, someday I would like to raise flowers in the yard, do some painting, some artwork, like I used to do when I was younger. I’ve gotten really out of practice. I would like to maybe go back to school and get a counseling degree to use in ministry. I would also possibly do more for the church – be more involved with activities going on.

What was challenging about being a single mom?

It was hard to always have to take you to daycare and not be able to stay home with you in the summers. It was really hard being just one parent, and not having two parents to bounce things off of – not knowing if I was doing the right thing or having the support for things that needed to be taken care of. Also, it was hard to be there for you all the time, just being one person. That’s something I think about women who choose to raise their children alone, I feel bad for the kids because I know from being a single mom that you can’t possibly be there for everything. You can’t spread yourself out that much when you have to work and do everything your children need you to do to provide for them.

What are the highlights of being a mom and what has being a mom meant to you?

Always being known as “Leslie’s mom” at school events and when you had friends over. And you know, bringing a child into the world, and seeing you grow into someone who has all of these independent friends and activities and experiences and being amazed at all you can do and all that you are.

One specific highlight was when I found in your backpack the 1st day of public school, a note that said, “Mommy I love you so much I think I could burst.”

What’s one trait you never expected to inherit from your mom that you now see in yourself?

I’ve noticed that my head is always tilted just a little to one side in pictures, and grandma always does that too.

And yes, there are pictures of her…

My mom is one sweet lady! I’m thankful for everything she’s done for me my whole life long. Happy Mother’s Day! I love you mom 🙂

What will you do to show your mom some love this week?


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