Handwriting of God


I’ve been reading through my old diaries. It’s been a journey for me looking back into the heart of who I was ten or so years ago. Lots to read, and lots to think on. One of the better pieces I found was this poem, ‘Handwriting of God’. I wanted to share this poem I wrote in 2004, along with a new version of the same poem I wrote just recently.


Life is a poem, a river, a song
and speech a metaphor
a thread of understanding slowly unraveling itself
for those with interest to pursue.
The words of life are stained in ink
on crumbling pages that blow in the wind
and sway with the branches.
They sail across oceans and dive beneath seas
never pausing long enough for us
to catch a glimpse of the handwriting of God.


Zoom out. God is in all the words, and all the not-words. He wrote the code for the arc of how the branches bend in the wind and can describe in detail the movements of our heartstrings like a song. He knows a depth to our conversations that we only sometimes sense and he ties all the bottom-of-the-ocean mysteries together. Past and present, the future, the known and unknown. We are all one creation moving together. I imagine God sees the meaning written everywhere, though we are lucky if we can read it.

Happy National Poetry Writing Month. {NaPoWriMo}


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