Husband Haiku


When you are with me
I’m not afraid of the wind
My sleep is all peace

My husband loves haikus. He thinks they’re fun and he was at one time able to hold conversations by speaking only in haiku. Well, I love him. And after reading a beautiful post by Jennifer Groeber reflecting on marriage, I got to thinking about my husband. I remembered something I said to him once, before falling asleep.

“When you’re with me, I’m not afraid of the wind.”

Once I said it, I realized how much more it implied than the sounds of the wind beating against the house outside. I’ve spent years being scared by odd sounds at night when I was by myself. The night I said those words, the winter wind was howling outside after we had turned out our lights and were falling asleep. I heard it, and registered the absence of physical tension in my body, a different sensation than I had become accustomed to feeling in these moments, and I had to tell him. “Afraid of the wind,” calls it for what it is – just the air blowing around outside. Nothing to be afraid of. How many times have I felt afraid unnecessarily? Afraid of things that God holds in his hands?

I want my marriage to be like the two steadfast wind turbines in Jennifer’s story,  “standing sentries keeping watch over the tides, the moonrise, the wind.” Together we are rooted in place, and I feel stronger, safer, enduring, with him by my side, and us holding hands.

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